Wednesday, June 22, 2011

SRTM Member Profile

From my experiences with Toastmasters over the last three years, I have found it exciting to watch fellow members progress through the program. In becoming a Toastmaster, each member has the unique opportunity to practice and obtain feedback with skills that are challenging for most people - leadership and communication. I have noticed a definite change in my confidence, assertion, and ability to build relationships on both a professional and personal level since becoming a member . Each member of our club has a similar story. This post will highlight how one of our members is putting her leadership and communication skills to work in our community.

Wendy McDonnell has been a valued member of our club for just over two years. In this time, she has also been working steadily on a unique project - developing a weekly radio show - Family Matters - for our local community and campus radio station CFRU 93.3 FM. The show airs live every Sunday morning from 8 to 9 Eastern. This show explores the joys and challenges of family life through interviews with a variety of guests. Wendy says she took up this challenge because people continuously recommended that she record her voice because they liked hearing the sound of it. She also manages a personal coaching practice, Compassionate Solutions (, where she was already engaged in the work of helping families overcome relationship and communication challenges.

Developing her radio show took a year of planning and another year of training. Wendy acknowledges Toastmasters' role in helping her be successful with this project. Specifically, Toastmasters is helping her develop her impromptu speaking skills, preparing topics for the show, and organizing herself when speaking. Interestingly, the most challenging aspect of community radio is not the talking. It is the multi-tasking! Wendy is both the host as well as managing all the technical aspects of live radio and editing - quite the challenge indeed! We would like to thank Wendy for allowing us to share her story with you. It is an inspiring story of where our voices can take us.

Michelle Munroe, VP Public Relations