Tuesday, May 26, 2009


The sign of a healthy organization is when a significant portion of the leadership wants to remain in service taking on new challenges, while a component of new faces join them at the helm. That's exactly what happened as the Stone Road Toastmasters conducted the election for new executive officers on May 25. The new executive will be;

President - Terri Millar, previously VP Education
VP Eucation - Bani Arora, previously VP Public Relations
VP Membership - Michelle Munroe, previously Sergeant at Arms
VP Public Relations - Marg Stewart, previously Secretary
Treasurer - Theresa Dietrich, new member
Secretary - Anca Preda, new member
Sergeant at Arms - Adnan Cheema, established member

Mina McCluskey moves to the role of Past President. She encouraged the new executive to participate in the training programs that will be forthcoming through the Toastmaster's Organization. She indicated that their roles can be as expansive, or focused as their personal schedules permit. Stone Road Toastmasters has a history of group support for all activities and Mina assured the new executive that they will not be working in isolation.

Monday, May 4, 2009


The term of office for the Stone Road Toastmasters Club runs from July 1st to June 30th each year. The elections for the next group of executive members will be held on Monday, May 25th.
Anyone interested in taking on an executive role may put forth their name for nomination, or if a club members feels that a colleague would serve the organization well they may choose to nominate them. If you are nominated by someone else, you can "pass" if you wish to try for a role other that the one you're nominated for, or you can decline altogether.
No special qualifications are required, as the TM District Council will provide all necessary training. It does help if you are organized, enthusiastic and have the time to take on this responsibility. Members should be aware that holding an executive role acquires credits in the Competent Leadership manual.
The Executive Roles, in order of responsibility are as follows:

7th - Sergeant At Arm, sets up the room for meetings, maintains the supply of meeting documents, awards and general supplies

6th - Treasurer, implements a budget based on the previous year's data, submits dues to the bank, works with membership VP to track data, keeps the club ledger, is one of four signing officers, two needed for any payment

5th - Secretary, takes minutes at executive and regular meetings, manages the club copies of any manuals or videos

4th - Vice President Public Relations, promote club events, oversees the production of the newsletter, oversees the website, runs any newspaper ads

3rd - Vice President Membership, track membership data, work with treasurer, coordinate communication

2nd - Vice President Education, assigns agenda roles, assigns mentors, tracks member progress, coordinates education sessions * considering splitting this role in two

1st - President, chief executive officer, provides leadership for the club, represents the club at area meetings

Think about whether you'd like to serve in one of these roles and speak to Terri if you have questions or an interest.