Thursday, September 18, 2008

Check out these Testimonials about Toastmasters!

(source: Toastmasters International website)

Hear from people whose lives were changed by the Toastmasters program! The following testimonials are less than 1 minute each, and are organized by topic. Click on one or more of the topics that resonate with you, and see how the speaker has benefitted in this area from the Toastmasters program (and how you could, too!):

Ned: Toastmasters Changed My Life
Erika: Evaluations Helped Me
Eduardo: Practice, Practice, Practice!
Jaya: Building Confidence
Dionne: Supportive Environment
Wendy: Overcoming Shyness
Trisha: Getting Past Fear
Collin: Self Improvement
Elizabeth: Becoming a Leader
Hannah: Personal Growth
Sheila: Work Presentations
Sarah: Impromptu Speaking

Monday, September 1, 2008

Tip of the Week: Setting Goals!

(courtesy Gary Jones, DTM, President, Grand River Toastmasters)

The Toastmaster year runs from July 1st till June 30th of each year. Each new Toastmaster year offers us the opportunity to sit down and do some thinking about what we'd like to accomplish in the coming 12 months. We can ask ourselves "What does my Toastmaster experience look like as of June 30th of the coming year"?

This is an opportunity to sit with our Mentor or another club member, establish speech goals and set other personal goals.

Ask yourself:

How many speeches will I complete by June 30th?
What roles will I commit to?
Will I organize a club event?
Will I attend other Toastmaster Club meetings?
Will I attend the Fall and / or Spring Conferences?
Will I compete in a Club contest?
Will I complete my CL manual?
Will I mentor a new Member?
Will I contribute to the Club Website?

It is possible to "Begin with the end in mind" as writer Stephen R. Covey suggests.

Once you establish these personal goals it is important to write them down. Share them with your Mentor and perhaps another club member. Submit these to the VP of Education so that the VP of Ed may schedule you as required to meet your goals.

This exercise in goal setting can be a useful system that not only enhances your Toastmaster experience but assists with goals outside of Toastmasters. If you have any questions about setting realistic achievable goals please meet with your Mentor or one of your Club Officers.