Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Spring Membership Drive and Speech-a-Thon

There was an announcement made at a recent club meeting about two events planned for our members and guests this spring. The first announcement is that there will be a special event run on May 9th, 2011. The club will be hosting it's first ever Speech-a-Thon! Instead of our usual meeting, as many members as possible are challenged to write and deliver a speech. More details are to follow, but expect a fun-filled night listening to well-crafted stories and information, enthusiasm, and helpful speech evaluations in the Toastmasters spirit of positive self-growth.

The second of these announcements is that a membership campaign is now in progress and will run until May 9, 2011. Campaign organizers Shawn Weldon, VP Education, and Wendy McDonnell, club member, have put forth a challenge to both members and guests and here is how it will work:
  • If a SRTM member brings a guest, they receive two points, and their guest, one point.
  • If that guest joins before the end of the campaign, they both get another point.
  • At our Speech-a-Thon, all points will be converted into tickets and there will be a draw for a free six-month membership to Stone Road Toastmasters!! Guests will need to be in attendance to win, members will not.
Over the next month make an extra effort to talk up Toastmasters by encouraging friends, family, neighbours, co-workers...any one you can think of to visit our meetings - the challenge is on!

Michelle Munroe, VP Public Relations