Wednesday, December 22, 2010


In the spirit of the holiday season, our club hosted a special meeting this week which celebrated the end of our club's 7th year. The evening was kindly chaired and organized by Wendy and we thank her for her efforts. The night included a fun-filled gift exchange (involving picking a surprise "Whammy"...a.k.a. the dreaded gift can of tuna which changed hands four times before finding its home), holiday carols with live guitar and violin, and great snacks at our break. We would like to thank Blake for his company's sponsoring of the night (Miller Thompson LLP).

It has been an exciting year for our club - we welcomed in a new executive and many new members, the easy-speak system was introduced to better organize our meetings, and our members continued to grow in their speaking and leadership skills and also, most importantly, in wonderful friendships!

The Stone Road Toastmasters executive wishes you a happy and healthy holiday season. Our next meeting is scheduled for January 10th, 2011. See you in the New Year!