Friday, May 18, 2012

SRTM changes it's name!

We are embarking on an exciting time within our toastmasters club...we are getting a new name! Stone Road Toastmasters Club arrived at its original name due to the first location of club meetings when it chartered. However, as all of our regular members and recent guests know, we no longer meet anywhere near Stone Road now! SRTM has been meeting at the Community Health Centre located in downtown Guelph for some time now and our name was due for an update to keep us current and not to confuse our guests completely.  

The club's members participated in a process that took several months to decide upon a new name for our club, and when it was all said and done, a decision was made. Moving forward, our club has decided to call itself: 

Guelph Public Speakers (or GPS for short) 

The club executive would like to thank all of our members for their participation in the process. Please bear with us in this time of transition and stay tuned for our new website!! 

Michelle Munroe
Club President 2011/2012

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Club Testimonials

I had researched Toastmasters online and was able to listen to some Toastmaster Padcosts which I found inspiring. I was drawn here to improve my public speaking skills and look forward to improving critical thinking "on the spot" speech skills.

I came out to TMs because I hard I could improve my speaking skills. I also thought I could increase my skills in facilitating meetings since that is a skills that could help me at work.

I enjoy learning about other people's lives and connecting. This club is incredibly inclusive. I am challenged by others in a good way. This is a great distraction and a positive environment no matter what's going on in my work and pesonal life. This club is an entertaining and humourous environment.

I learn how to evaluate in a positive and helpful way. I learn about leadership as well as public speaking.

I love SRTM because I see memebers get better and better over the months. At SRTM, I have an opportunity to try new things in a safe, supportive environment.

I like that we understand each other. I listen and learn from other people. I like being together, mixing and miggling. Toastmasters helps me to feel more comfortable with everything. It helps people improve their lifestyle. It's very supportive.

SRTM has a friendly environment...a supportive atmosphere. The feedback is proactive. I like SRTM for the professional growth oportunities. I enjoy hearing interesting topics and speeches. I am improving my speaking and leadership skills. I learn a variety of skills like charing a meeting and facilitating. It's at a convenient location and time.

I love SRTM becuase it is a safe environment to overcome a challenge I've faced my whole life. It has made a significant impact in my life both professional and personally. I wouldn't have made this progress without TM as quickly, by far. I love the personal stories. I have learned so much by just being present. Some very surprising things. It has reduced my anxiety tremendously. It is still there, but, my butterflies are not in formation. I love networking with a diverse group of people.

Toastmasters was one of my greatest supports in ealing with health challenges. TMs gives me focus. TMs lets me achieve gold stars. TMs gives me personal growth in a safe place. I am learning about my potential. I enjoy meeting people with similar goals.

What I enjoy about TMs?

  • It's a safe place. No judgment. Sharing with strangers is a first. making new friends. Laughing at each other. Friendly and supportive.
  • Friendhip. Improving my communication. Meeting new people. Coaching Toastmasters. Going to contests. Going to conferences. Improving myself.
  • Brian our area governor wrote: Supportive atmosphere where you can safely learn. Great people! Excellent speeches on interesting topics. Becoming a better speaker. Becoming a better leader. Getting outside your comfort zone. Becoming a more rounded person.
  • Professional growth. Challenges. Perspective of others. Networking and social. Education.

Friendship, education, personal growth, security (we can fail safely), humour, structure and organizational skills

  • personal development, learning from members, safe place to fail, face fears, friendly surroundings, opportunities to develop leadership and communication skills
  • opportunity to speak, opportunity to listen to structured speeches and evaluations, networking, friendship opportunities, overcoming fear of speaking, improving speaking fluency

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Area 62 Contest

Thursday March 22nd
New Life Church
400 Victoria Road North
Contest starts 7pm
All are welcome!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

SRTM Club Contest

Congratulations to all of our contestants, and especially to Alan Cook, winner of both the speech and the evaluation contest!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

CLUB CONTEST - February 27th, 2012

Tomorrow evening Stone Road Toastmasters is holding a Club Contest with details as follows:

Event: International Speech and Evaluation Club Contest

Date: Monday, February 27/12

Time: 7 p.m. (sharp) - 9 p.m.

Location: Guelph Community Health Centre

**Please note: Our room location has changed for the evening. We will be hosting our contest in the Children's Room on the main level (not the usual Basement Meeting Room).

Cost: Free

Who can attend: SRTM members and any interested guests are welcome.
(for guests new to Toastmasters, this is a special event and not how our typical meetings are run)

This is one of two contest opportunities Toastmasters provides our members that can take them beyond the club level. Winners of this contest move to the Guelph Area Contest to be held on March 22/12 (details to follow). It should prove to be an enjoyable and inspiring evening for all!

Michelle Munroe
SRTM Club President 2011-2012